Company introduction Co,Ltd.Beijing,China is a cloud computing service provider with the focus of enterprise information technology , with customers all over the mainland China and Hongkong, the United States, Canada, Turkey, etc.

CloudCC is a cloud computing service brand focused on providing cloud platforms and cloud applications. CloudCC cloud platform and its all above kinds of cloud applications are the world's leading enterprise cloud computing products, have been used by the world's top 100 enterprises, listed Corporation Its core technology is from the United States North Carolina broadband research room, and its products support from two, thirty people of small business to the lage scale enterprises with Million people of employees. Because of its strong function with the customized needs, it is likened to the enterprise management software with life, growing with the business growth.

The content of the CloudCC service covers customer management, sales management, market management, service management, contract management, office management and related business information management. Cloud platform services are with the form of cloud computing applications and software implementation services. The method of service is: consulting the customer needs, puting forward the constructive suggestion, providing the software procurement choice plan, assisting the purchase software, the consultation and the need for the software design, the implementation and the development, the test training, data migration and the cleaning, the annual maintenance and so on.

In the future of development, CloudCC will continue to combine various industry leading management experience with the latest IT technology to help enterprises achieve management automation, so as to enhance corporate governance level, optimize operational efficiency, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.